Solar broadband
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Solar Broadband Fair Usage Policy

Solar Broadband is made available at a reasonable cost based on the principle of sharing resources among subscribers; the resources being the wireless connection and shared bandwidth.

To ensure that all customers of Solar Broadband have an enjoyable experience while using the Internet, we have decided to apply a Fair Usage Policy while maintaining the unlimited aspect of the service.

Solar Broadband defines unlimited access for the Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet service as being on the Internet as often as you want, for as long as you want, provided that you are actually sitting in front of the computer and actively using the service, within the same household.

Under this definition, you should not also share the bandwidth with other users and should never download and/or distribute copyrighted material without the permission of the owner(s).

Torrent based and other Peer-to-Peer networking services that facilitate illegal downloading are not permitted and will not work with the Solar Broadband service.

Acceptable download and upload limits are defined by your impact on the network and thus everyone else’s ability to enjoy a fast reliable service.

Browsing the internet is acceptable. Constantly downloading data at your maximum download speed is most definitely not acceptable.

In this sense, Solar Broadband track Internet bandwidth use (capacity, not content) to ensure that acceptable limits are not exceeded by a given account during a subscription cycle.

If it is seen that you are abusing the service we reserve the right to limit a subscriber’s bandwidth as we see fit, or in extreme cases disconnect the service altogether.